Malaysia’s own mudskipper oil for everlasting performance

Malaysia is a humid country and surrounded by ocean. There are many mangrove areas close the mainland and this is a favorite place for mudskipper to live.

Minyak lintah (belacak oil) comes from mudskippers and local Malaysians have used traditional extraction methods including boiling the fish for hours and cooking it with herbs. The types of herbs used for this concoction is not known but the end result is oil extraction that has many health benefits. The most common use of this oil is for enlargement of the male sexual organ thus increasing its performance. Using this oil daily over a period of time has shown results in many users who keep coming back for more of this product.

The active ingredient in this much in demand oil is the enzyme extracted from the belacak fish. Mudskippers are actually very important for their biological and eo-toxicological properties. Mudskippers give an indication of environmental monitoring and assessment of coastal water conditions. They allow researchers to know the levels of pollution and environmental conditions. The oil made from the enzyme of this fish is very well taken in the market and even sold in other parts of the world besides Asia. Today you can find this product even on e-Bay.

Due to the high demand for (belacak oil), the mudskippers that are caretakers of the mangroves is becoming caught at a very high rate and slowly becoming extint. The government should control the fishing of these mudskippers or encourage other means of producing this fish. This way the mangroves are saved from losing this natural inhabitant and the customers who want to buy the oil can still get their product as and when they need from anywhere in the world.